4baby Weelmo-Fix


group: 1/2, fastening: ISOfix, belts for the child: internal five-point, enhanced side protection

Main (4baby Weelmo-Fix)
Age group 1, 2
The weight of the child 9 — 25 kg
Mount ISOfix
Straps for baby internal five-point
Color options black, blue, green, red, beige, dark grey
Design (4baby Weelmo-Fix)
The device type chair
Installation method the forward facing
Enhanced side impact protection
The height adjustable headrest
The horizontal position of the backrest
Lining on the inner straps soft
Anatomical liner
Rotation on the basis of
Carry handle
Rocking base
Use in a different capacity
The base is compatible with
Compatible with chassis
Use in aircraft
Sun protection
Mosquito net
Removable cover
The ability to store things
Dimensions and weight (4baby Weelmo-Fix)
Height 74 sm
Adjustable backrest 5 positions
Width adjustment seat
Height adjustment straps 5 positions
Weight 10.9 kg
Width 47 sm
Depth 57 sm
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