Coto baby Salsa Q


group: 1/2/3, fastening: three-dot belt, belts for the child: the seat belt/internal five-point, enhanced side protection

Main (Coto baby Salsa Q)
Age group 1, 2, 3
The weight of the child 9 — 36 kg
Mount three-point belt
Straps for baby the seat belt, internal five-point
Color options black, red, brown, grey
Design (Coto baby Salsa Q)
The device type chair
Installation method the forward facing
Enhanced side impact protection
The height adjustable headrest 3 positions
The horizontal position of the backrest
Anatomical liner
Rotation on the basis of
Carry handle
Rocking base
Use in a different capacity
Use in aircraft
Sun protection
Mosquito net
Removable cover
The ability to store things
Dimensions and weight (Coto baby Salsa Q)
Height 64 sm
Adjustable backrest 4 position
Width adjustment seat
Height adjustment straps
Weight 10.5 kg
Width 45 sm
Depth 46 sm
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